About Us

Who Are We?
Our office consists of one dentist, one dental hygienist, two chair side assistants and one front office person. We greatly value the trust patients put in us. We take pride in producing quality dentistry. We like it when our patients say, “I didn’t feel that at all doctor” or “ I can chew now” and “they look so much better now”. We like to hear that patients have referred their family members and friends to our practice. Our office is indeed is not large but that is the way we prefer it- one person in our chair, one at a time. We find it difficult to give undivided attention if trying to treat more than one person at a time.

Quality Care
Individual attention increases the chances of excellent treatment outcomes. Still, the truth is, many dental procedures can be demanding for both the patient and the dentist. Treatment can be stressful, uncomfortable, hard on the jaw, time consuming and can be quite an investment. There can be post-op pain or sensitivity after some procedures. Sometimes treatment doesn’t resolve the problem it was meant to fix or maybe just doesn’t hold up as expected. I make these points because what dentists do in peoples’ mouths is very unnatural, invasive, difficult at times and often unpredictable. So after being in the dental arena now for thirty years, I like to make  treatment decisions that emphasize prevention of future problems and recurrence of disease. If you are going to invest in your mouth, invest in something that will last. “A-game” results cannot be achieved in every case attempted but still that is the goal we aim for. Some oral conditions just can’t be treated or fixed. That is why the dentist must be caring, listening and discerning in determining appropriate treatment choices for each person who comes to us for help. There should be a  balance between effectiveness, practicality and cost to the consumer. We think we are pretty balanced.
The Doctor

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