What to expect on a first visit

During your first visit to our office, you will be asked to complete a health history and personal data sheet. This information will be used by our office staff to assist in completing any insurance forms or correspondence you may need.

We will take digital x-rays, clean your teeth and Dr. Carstensen will perform a full exam along with the hygienist to come up with the best treatment plan for your next dental visit.

At all times your comfort, appearance, and long range economy will be kept in mind. Estimated fees will be presented to you after the treatment plan, and a method of payment may be selected at this time.

If treatment is indicated, we will try to restore optimum dental health in as few well-planned appointments as necessary.

We want to do everything possible to make your visits to our office a pleasant experience. Our staff is trained to address your needs and concerns, and will welcome your comments or suggestions about your appointments with us.